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Why choose Nova?

  • Experienced Music Distributors

    We're experienced

    Trading since 2001 Nova is highly experienced with over 35 years of selling to Music and Video retailers — there is little we do not know about music distribution!

  • Customer Focused Company

    Our customer service is legendary

    We pride ourselves on a constant point of contact for all of our labels. We have our own sales team that sells to retail — we do not use a 3rd party sales team to do our work — so we can report and react accurately and quickly for our labels. We provide a full reporting service for all sales of physical and digital titles. We do not dazzle with detail, with corresponding overcharges, and instead we provide a no nonsense economical and understandable sales service which a label can utilise and trust.

  • Global Music Distributors

    We operate on a global scale

    Nova has global distribution partners and we place titles for sales and arrange national and local marketing campaigns.

  • Trusted Music Marketing Company

    We're trusted

    The majority of our Record Companies have been with Nova for many years. With our sales abilities, allied to the security of Universal, or Plastic Head for deeper catalogue, we present a safe and reliable label services option.

  • Independent Music Distributors UK

    We're independent

    Nova is a fully independent company which gives a label complete flexibility regarding release dates or marketing campaigns. Distribution is by Universal Music Operations which gives a highly secure back up for all security of payments. Our best sellers appear in the Music Week Indie sales or Club charts which help label and move artist profile forward.

Our ultimate aim?

To get your music in front of those who enjoy it most

We're nova

The music distribution experts

With over 35 years of top flight sales experience, Nova is one of the leading and most experienced physical and digital independent distributors in the UK and provides music and video to the global community. We offer a trusted and tailored range of sales, marketing and manufacturing services and distribute titles of all genres both digitally and globally to all major retailers, exporters and independent stores via Universal Music Operations. We place digital audio tracks to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and over 160 global sites, and also full length music and documentary video films of all types onto iTunes, Netflix and Blinkbox for international download or VOD.

Formed by Wilf Mann (ex Virgin, Total ) in 2001, Nova has had a highly successful sales history with number one singles, top selling albums and multiple catalogue sellers.


Label Service Packaging

Nova can offer three 'One For All' label service packages which can include physical & digital distribution, marketing, promotion and manufacturing — each package tailored to your unique requirement. Please contact us for more details.